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Thanks for your work. I pulled in to the garage shortly after the installation, walked into the house, then paused: “Why wasn’t there piping in the garage?” I had to walk back out to the garage and look for it, as it’s tucked into the corner so neatly that it’s almost not noticeable!
– Kevin Ross, Homeowner

I received outstanding service from Langer Construction throughout the process of my radon mitigation system installation. Mike and Dave were courteous, professional and friendly. They took the time to educate me on the system and consider where would be the least intrusive place to run the system tubing. They were attentive to every detail. I had been considering radon mitigation for a year or so and I had looked at other companies, but when I saw Langer Construction on the evening news it prompted me to make the call and get it done. I couldn’t have had a better experience and I’m very confident that I hired the best guys around. My radon level went from 15.7 down to .1! I can finally rest at ease knowing that my family is not at risk of radon anymore.
– Jason Dunlap, Homeowner

Jean and I were very satisfied with the radon mitigation system installed by Langer Construction. The communication and timing were excellent  Everything happened as planned. Both Dave and Mike spent the time to explain the process and the background of what they were doing in a pleasant easy manner. The job was completed on time and retested with good results.  We have already recommended them to many of our friends who are interested in a system for their homes.
– Jim and Jean Prevost, Homeowners

Mike and Dave came to our new home the day after we closed in order to mitigate the radon.  They were very professional and committed to the project (it was a rather lengthy job due to the materials and square footage they were working with in our crawl space).  I would recommend Mike and Dave to other homeowners who desire prompt, reliable and high quality services.
– Sarah and Robert Anderson, Homeowners

Dave has done a great job performing tests for radon and installation of radon mitigation systems for my clients.  He is always very pleasant to work with, timely and does quality installations.  I always recommend Dave to handle testing and installations to my clients based on his customer service and quality of workmanship.  Thanks Langer Construction for doing a great job!
– Dave Murphy, Realtor

I refer Dave and Mike, Langer Construction, for all real estate transactions requiring radon testing.  They are professional, efficient and reasonably priced.  My clients have been very satisfied with their work on mitigation systems when warranted.  They work well with both buyers and sellers.  I had them test my home as well.  I strongly recommend them to clients, friends and family.
– Kris Jensen, Realtor

We recently had our home tested for radon, and the results were quite high so we had our house mitigated. Dave and Mike were very professional in their approach and the quality of service was exceptional.  Our radon now tests below safe limits. Thanks so much Langer Construction!
– Darcy and Kevin, Homeowners

Mike and Dave are very dependable and always readily available to answer questions. Not only do they have competitive rates but they have also been known to come in and repair mistakes done by other Radon companies, going above and beyond for me and my clients.  I have confidence that the work will be done quickly and satisfactorily.  I am extremely satisfied with their work, as are my clients.
– Luke Steele, Realtor

I’ve been so impressed with the service of Langer Construction that I now recommend them in all of my real estate transactions and recently had them test my own personal home too.  They offer very competitive rates and use the latest in technology to provide the fastest and most accurate results.  Their hourly measurement profile is capable of showing spikes in radon gas that simply can’t be reported with the standard canister test.  I was surprised to see that at certain times of the day the Radon levels in my home were 2-3x higher than my average!  I would highly recommend calling the guys at Langer Construction to have your home tested too!
– Mark Johnson, Realtor

I used Langer Construction for our radon testing and mitigation and was extremely happy with the service all they way through the process. They were always on time during the testing process and put the mitigation system in, in one day and cleaned up after themselves (they seemed to leave our garage cleaner then it was!).  Being a cancer survivor I would highly recommend this easy fix for preventing lung cancer! Unfortunately because we don’t see radon it’s easy to pretend it’s not there, it’s such an easy process to do and trust me, cheaper and better than the alternative!
– Kelly and Jeff, Homeowners

Thanks to Dave and Mike our home is now far below safe limits! We had our home tested and it came back high. They came out and did the work professionally and efficiently, even sealing any seams in our basement floor.  I highly recommend them to anyone who is even thinking of getting their home tested!
Marty and Tori, Homeowners

We recently had our home mitigated by the professionals at Langer Construction.  Mike and Dave were so competent, reliable, kind and trustworthy. They did a fantastic job minimizing the radon level in our home.  We felt safe having them work in our home, even when we had to run out for a short time.  They cleaned up after themselves and made sure we completely understood everything they did.  We were so impressed by them, we’ve asked them to do additional work for us and we have referred our friends to them.  Thank you, Langer Construction, for making our home safe again!
– Pam and Dan, Homeowners 

Mike and Dave Langer were great to work with on our radon testing and mitigation.  They answered all of our questions, provided quotes and expedited the mitigation in a timely manner.  Very professional, prompt, clean and organized.  Appreciated the great customer service.
– Teresa, Homeowner 

My husband and I are hugely grateful to Mike Langer and company for their radon mitigation work in our home. It is not an exaggeration to say that Mike’s work to reduce our radon exposure may have saved my life. In 2016, on the advice of a doctor, we had our radon level checked, first using a mail in kit, then with a home meter we purchased. We learned that, at its worst, our indoor radon levels were four times the EPA’s stated “danger” limit. I have suffered a host of medical problems over the 12 years we’ve lived in our home. Some of these conditions are directly life threatening. When we learned of our high radon level, I did a great deal of research on the health effects radon exposure. (I have a PhD-level medical research education, so I was able to dig deeply into this topic.) I found that my medical history precisely fitted the types of illnesses, and the timeline for their development, exhibited by patients with Chronic Low Dose Radiation Syndrome. It became clear that fixing our home radon problem was truly a life or death situation for me.

A friend had used Langer Radon Mitigation Services and rated them highly, so we chose to work with Mike and his team. We are so glad we did! Every radon mitigation situation is unique, since every building and the land/environment where it sits is unique. Our house proved to be a complex challenge for Mike, but he never gave up! We have an apparently very complicated foundation sitting atop a large, windy, hilltop lot filled with limestone. It took several months and numerous suction points to ultimately solve our problem. It was a frustrating process at times, but we had confidence in Mike’s ability and experience. It was clear that he was genuinely compassionate about my medical situation, and he really wanted to tame that radon beast for us. He approached the modifications to our home scientifically and patiently, step by step, until his persistence ultimately paid off. Our daily radon levels have now stabilized at background outdoor levels, with only an occasional foray above that. We couldn’t ask for a better outcome!

We wholeheartedly recommend Langer Radon Mitigation Services with gratitude and enthusiasm. Thanks to Mike and team, I hope to be around to enjoy our dream home for many, many more years!
– Diane, Homeowner